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Car Insurance Companies

With the huge number of insurance companies on todayís market, itís kind of hard to choose the right one to buy auto coverage from. In no particular order, here are the top American insurers you can safely sign a policy with.

Mercury Insurance

Mercury can sometimes charges lower rates than competitors and pride themselves in offering a great customer support. Claims are processed fast, customers are offered consistent discounts when paying in full and, all in all, a lot of people have been impressed with the quality of their products and services.


GEICO started off by offering coverage to public sector employees, but soon realized the size of the market out there and opened their products to general public. They have a whole division dedicated to US Military employees, staffed with veterans from various services, and can offer preferential packages to US militaries.

American Family Insurance

AmFam offers a range of casualty, property and vehicle insurance products, but also provides commercial coverage, like home, life and health insurance. Itís one of the many insurance companies in the Fortune 500. Unlike other top insurers, American Family Insurance doesnít have offices in every state Ė their offline presence stretches only across a handful of states: Minnesota, Missouri, Colorado and Ohio.

Safety Insurance Company

Safety Insurance Company is rated A+ by the BBB. Based in Massachusetts, the company offers private passenger car insurance in every state of country, as well as a consistent range of casualty and property insurance products Ė commercial vehicle, house, dwelling fire and business owner policies to name a few.

AIG Casualty

Even though they have been accused of contributing to the start of the financial crisis in 2008, AIG is still among the top insurance companies in the world. Experts say they have not yet fully recovered after taking the blow, but you should only worry about their solvability if you want to sign a multi-million dollar policy. For a regular car insurance you canít go wrong with AIG Casualty.


Nationwide specialize in auto, health home and life insurance services. As the name says, they are one of the few insurers with branches in every state of the country. Their size is impressive Ė if some top insurers operate with as little as a couple of hundred employees, companies in the Nationwide group have more than 33,000 employees and 60,000 agents promoting their products.


Progressive Casualty Insurance Company is what experts would call a true innovator in customer convenience and support. When the crisis in 2008 burst out, they were among the first to adapt and cut down on costs by streamlining the whole sales process. They were one of the first companies who offered insurance sales over the phone.


Farmers is one of the oldest companies in the field, with a history of almost 100 years. They experienced a decline back in 2003, when Consumer Reports gave them a terrible rating, but managed to get back on track within the next three years. Nowadays they are among the leaders on the insurance market, so you canít go wrong with them either.


Allstate is a publically owned insurer with over $30 billion in revenues last year. Some of the largest magazines and news agencies like CNN or Business Week have bashed them for allegedly denying legitimate benefits to policy holders.

You can sign an auto coverage policy with any of the above companies. They are long-lasting and reputable brands on todayís market and will not run away with your money like a corner insurance shop may do.