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Car insurance is the largest expense of owning a car for any American household. Many families are looking for ways to save money on their car insurance bill by combining home and auto insurance policies, comparing quotes, adding their teenagers to an existing policies. All of these are basic methods to try to find a cheap car insurance that won't stretch the family budget. Still, you find that you car insurance is expensive. You are not alone!

Almost every family in the USA is feeling the economic downturn, right on their household income. Trying to reduce unnecessary expenses is becoming ordinary and auto insurance is on top of this list. For the average consumer, understanding why car is is expensive is not always easy to grasp. Here are top reasons why you are paying too much for you car insurance when compared to someone in similar circumstances:

Too Many Claims:

Regardless of which car insurance you have claimed damaged from, all insurance companies keep a record of previous claims to work out the risk of future insurance claim of any customer. Even for simply bend and fender and minor accident that would cost $100 to fix. Also, it doesn't matter who was at fault, it still goes on your record. Keep in mind that this data is shared among insurance providers for risk management and to prevent fraud. The more claims you log, regardless of their importance, the less likely it helps save money on your premium.

Bad Driving Records

Bad drivers run a higher chance of being involved in an accident than experienced ones. You can improve you driving records by taking additional courses or taking special driving session designed to improve driving skills. Speak to your Bureau of Motor Insurance or Department of Motor Vehicle in your state for details.

Previous Non-Driving Offences

Now, many customers don't think this has anything to do with driving itself. However, car insurance carriers include this as a risk when generating an insurance quote. Historical data on driver shows that offenders are more likely to be involved in accidents.

Bad Neighbourhood

It's not your fault if you happen to live in an area with high crime rate, but as you drive and park in a bad neighbourhood, the risk is there. While asleep, some local gangs may ran in a huge despite and your car can get smashed by some careless velain.

Flashy and Expensive Cars

Sport cars, classic, collector and rare models attract expensive insurance premiums. Car insurance companies charges an expensive premium for these car be au it costs a lot more to repair than average vehicles. The rates are much more expensive for classic car because the parts are not easy to find and not every garage have the necessary ex edifice to fix them. If you are looking for cheap car insurance, you need to consider cars on the lower ends. They don't have to be complete junk. Popular car manufactures like Toyota, Honda, Ford and General Motors make excellent cars that can proof tondo the right job for you and still save you money on car insurance. After all, you just need to get from A to B and have enough space for your stuff and family.

The above are some of the most important factors that could either increase or reduce you car insurance rates. There are other factors, but insurance companies don't provide a full list of criteria to avoid being subject to fraud.

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